How does Castelan protect your sofa?

Castelan Fabric Protection has been tried and tested and will give you the best chance of removing stains from your sofa. From spillages, natural oils or ink marks, don’t panic, Castelan Fabric Protection will take care of it. The Castelan Care Plan includes a £50 cleaning kit.

How do I get in touch with Castelan?

To make a claim, you can go online at or give them a call on 01934 416 614
Read Castelan’s Group Terms & Conditions here

Please find a breakdown below of the care plan costs:

Order Subtotal

£200.00 – £499.00

£500.00 – £999.00

£1000.00 – £1,499.00

£1500.00 – £1,999.00

£2000.00 – £2,999.00

Care Plan Price






What's Covered?

Quite a bit, including accidental stains resulting from:

  • Drink spills such as coffee or red wine
  • Acidic and corrosive liquid such as vinegar and lemon juice
  • Food such as sauces or litle sticky fingers
  • Ink such as biros, felt tip and permanent marker and paint
  • Accidental dye transfer from jeans or newspaper
  • Make-up, hair wax, or nail polish
  • Oil-based stains such as grease or tar
  • Adhesives and glues
  • Bleaches and other household cleaning products
  • Bodily fluids such as blood or vomit (not nice but good to know!)

Accidental damage resulting in scratches, rips and burns including:

  • One-off pet damage (not as a result of build-up)
  • Burns caused by cigarettes
  • Rips and tears caused by keys and belt buckles
  • Scratches caused by jewellery

What's NOT Covered?

  • Build-up of dye transfer (such as newspaper print from daily reading of the paper on the sofa)
  • Colour change (from exposure to direct sunlight)
  • Wear and tear
  • General cleaning
  • Deliberate damage

What if I decide to cancel or return my sofa? Will I still be charged for taking out Castelan Fabric Protection?

If you cancel or return your sofa and haven’t made a claim, we will cancel your policy and you will be refunded in full. You can also cancel your policy within 14 days from receipt of Certificate of Insurance (which will be sent to you shortly after your sofa has been delivered).

More information

  • You can claim as many times as you need to over 5 years (the length of the policy) up to your indemnity value (the price of your furniture).
  • There is no excess and you’ll have cover for parts, labour and replacement items up to the indemnity value of your policy.
  • You only pay a one-off fee and there are no annual renewal charges.
  • General cleaning
  • Deliberate damage

Just a no Just a note: It’s really important to remember that Castelan Fabric Protection is not a substitute for regular care and cleaning.

You will get a £50 cleaning kit

The cleaning kit is ideal for emergency cleaning and removal of stains from fabric around your home. The cleaning kit includes the following fabric care products:

  • Textile Cleaner – is a very efficient cleaner for general soiling, perspiration and fatty stains.
  • Resistant Stain Cleaner – is a product designed for cleaning resistant stains like marker, ballpoint pen, lipstick, make-up products, shoe polish and wax.
  • Stain Away – will clean most fresh stains and soiling from textile surfaces. It is a water-based product that penetrates into the surface to clean without harming your textiles. Use it with a synthetic sponge.
  • Textile cleaning cloth and a sponge

Please read instructions on the bottles carefully before using the products.

Who is Castelan exactly?

Castelan are experts at caring for furniture and visit around 250,000 customers every year.

Is Castelan regulated?

Yes! Castelan is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly the Financial Services Authority).

When does the protection start?

As soon as you take delivery of your sofa, your fabric protection kicks in. It lasts 5 years and don’t forget you can claim as many times as you need up to your limit of indemnity, so you’re well-covered!